Ningbo Sunny Electrical Heating Appliances Co.,Ltd!



Environmental Policy

Production of green products in the green environment, for the benefit of future generations.

Our commitment:

1.Comply with environmental laws and regulations, environmental management activities.

2.Committed to pollution prevention, control emissions of pollutants, continuous improvement of environmental performance.

3.In all controlled activities, committed to the development of new environmentally friendly products.

4.Employees continue to education, training and the establishment of environmental responsibility, increase employee awareness of environmental protection.


Quality Policy

Hundred percent flawless quality, satisfactory service cream of the crop.

Products Jiaoyan pass rate of 99.9%; customer satisfaction reached 86%;

SANA people aiming to a more professional attitude and innovative style of shaping a model in the industry. Adhere to the "three satisfaction" principle - their own satisfaction, quality assurance personnel satisfaction and customer satisfaction. In the production process, in strict accordance with the procedure rules, strict inspection standards processes, earnestly implement the first seizure, self-inspection, mutual inspection of the "three inspection" system, the processes operating instructions and concise to the production site. In quality management, the company insists on statistical techniques allow the company managers to keep abreast of the dynamic quality, exposed weaknesses in production management, in order to promptly seek improvement measures. Senna spirit of "creating more value for customers," the good wishes, and constantly create space for sustainable development of the brand, the technology and product prices multiplying dedication to you.